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247 Family Protection

247 Family Protection – The only premium, comprehensive 247 Individual and Family Personal Protection & Security service in the USA, Canada and Mexico. It is specifically designed to provide 247 Roadside Assistance, 247 Family Alert, 247 Family Locator, 247 Child Guard Alert, and 247 Nationwide System Coverage in a home health emergency, roadside assistance and outside emergency assistance (camping, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, etc). And no matter what your emergency is, help is only a button click away! We partner with local and national emergency services (EMT, Fire, Police, etc.) to ensure that you and your loved ones can get help quickly when needed.

Our 247 Family Protection service has the following features:
247 Live Emergency Alert/Response: Get 247 instant help when you face a medical emergency and minutes count. Most existing services are targeted at the elderly and work only from the house. The 247 Family Protection system is mobile enabled and works anywhere there is WiFi access. Now, both the elderly and anyone (hikers, bikers, outdoors-people) who may need a medical emergency while alone can now obtain needed help, immediately, with the push of a button. Our System is GPS enabled, and so allows help responders to know exactly where you are located when you ask for help.

247 Premier Roadside Protection: Get premium roadside assistance anywhere in North America 247. Most Americans use some type of roadside protection service. However, how many times have you, a loved one or friend had a breakdown at a remote or unfamiliar location and had to wait for hours because the service responder was unable to locate you? And who can forget the tragic story of the murder of Bill Cosby’s son, Ennis Cosby, who was killed (in a robbery) on a Los Angeles freeway after his Mercedes Benz broke down. Ennis was unable to tell his roadside protection service provider exactly where he was located, and was murdered while waiting for help. With your 247 Family Protection system, you reach a live person who will call the nearest affiliated garage, auto repair shop or tow service, ALL with one push of a button. Your 247 Family Protection system includes the industry’s premier roadside assistance package from Allstate Mobile Services when you need it most. Built-in GPS location finder ensures help is just minutes away!

247 Instant Family Member Locator: Get connected with your family members 247 with one click of a button. Whether your elderly parents or extended family. Whether your own middle school, high school or college bound children or family, our built-in GPS tracking functionality allows your 247 Live Emergency Responders to know exactly where you or your loved ones are located, so that appropriate help can be sent, immediately!

247 Family Notification: A simple button click from your mobile application or remote controller will instantly notify your family members that you are in need of immediate assistance by voice mails, emails and SMS text messages. The emails and text messages are GPS enabled so help responders can instantly find your current location no matter where you are.

247 Child Guard Alert: Introducing your new set of eyes and ears 247 to protect your grade school, teens and college bound children. Families can now connect, protect, live and have peace of mind. 247 Child Gard Alert allows your children to be children, teens and young adults while you stay close (virtually), knowing you will be alerted if they need help. Know your child’s location at all times with customizable interval GPS tracking. Depending on your child’s situation and your own security and safety threshold, you may schedule your 247 Child Guard Alert to alert you of your child’s location as little as every 5 minutes or as long as every 24hrs!

247 Home Alert & Security: The alarm and video system is simple, easy to install and affordable! And it includes video intrusion
verification to minimize false alarms.The system is 100% wireless and customizable: It works anywhere and will fit any house, apartment or business.

Simple & Easy To Use: Your Personal & Family Protection…Priceless! At home or away, get 247 peace of mind protection for you and your entire family, all with ONE click of a button.

How Much Does It Cost?: You get ALL of this at less than what you are probably paying for just ONE service with your current roadside provider, medical alert provider or other emergency alert service provider.

For more detailed information, please visit: 247 Family Protection System!

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