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247 Family Protection

247 Family Protection – American families now have access to the only comprehensive 247 Personal Family Protection service. This service offers families the most comprehensive personal protective coverage for everyday emergencies that we all face. Whether it is a medical emergency in your house, while hiking or mountain biking; car breakdown or accident, help is only a button click away! Our service provides 247 Roadside Assistance, 247 Family Alert, 247 Family Locator, 247 Child Guard Alert and 247 Nationwide System Coverage. We partner with local and national emergency services (EMT, Fire, Police, etc.) to ensure that you and your loved ones can get help quickly when needed.

247 Medical Alert – Get 247 instant help when you face a medical emergency and minutes count. Most existing services are    targeted at the elderly and work only from the house. Your 247 Family Protection system is mobile enabled and works anywhere there is WiFi access. Now, both the elderly and anyone (hikers, bikers, outdoors-people) who may need a medical emergency while alone can now obtain needed help, immediately, with the push of a button. Our System is GPS enabled, and so allows help responders to know exactly where you are located when you ask for help.

247 Roadside Protection – A roadside emergency can occur at anytime and anywhere. A flat tire…empty gas tank… engine failure! Your 247 Family Protection system includes the industry’s premier roadside assistance package from Allstate Mobile Services when you need it most. Built in GPS location finder ensures help is just minutes away.

247 Family Peace Of Mind – Your 247 Family Protection System includes a unique “Family Alert” system that enables you to instantly connect with all your family members in case of an emergency. When you click on this Family Alert button, a voice call, email and sms text message is sent to your entire family members on your contact list. They are instantly notified with alert messages that include your contact details as well as your current GPS address location so they can instantly respond to your needs. This service is especially important for parents, care givers or family members who want to keep tabs on their elderly
parents or teenagers or younger children.

247 World Class Monitoring System – Our 247 Monitoring Center in S. California with a redundant back up center in Irving, Texas is one of the largest in North America with nearly 300,000 customers nationwide. Our trained Response Agents can respond to your needs in English or Spanish.

247 Family Protection – Get Help If You Fall! Get Help If You Have An Accident! Get Help If You Are Lost!
All In-One Affordable, Emergency System For The Entire Family !

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